Mexico’s wide-ranging plant and animal life spurred the development of a group of regional cuisines united by culinary knowledge, technique, ingredients and recipes. These diets have been perfected over the nation’s millennia of history; born in Mexico, their authenticity allows them to thrive to this day. They are original because they use the animal, vegetable and mineral abundance of their surroundings; and they are varied—not only because of Mexico’s vast geographical variety—but as well through contributions that arrived with other cultures and peoples, now fully naturalized as Mexican.

Cooking food is a cultural act that implies knowledge, familiarity, skill and ability, but above all identifies social groups who share flavors, aromas and colors.

When we eat a delicious Puebla-style haba bean stew, a carnitas taco from Michoacán or a tamal oaxaqueño we forget what it took in the country, at the market and in the kitchen for that dish to reach our tables. The app you’re using now lets you learn about Mexico’s geographical regions and emblematic foods, the traditional tools used to prepare them, and recipes for making some of the most celebrated dishes from its food universe.

New communications technologies allow these traditional cuisines to be known and shared as an expression of culture, tradition, farming, ranching and not least of all, living well. Through this app, you travel the length and breadth of Mexico, through its landscapes, foods and its most representative, easy-to-prepare recipes.

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