AGUA DE CHÍA CON LIMÓN Approximately 3 l (3 qt)



limes (set aside 2 fruits), quartered and seeded
3 l of purified water
sugar to taste
40 g (1 1/3 oz)

chia seeds, hydrated in 2 cups purified water for 1 hour


Add the juice of ten limes to the water. Grind or food-process the two remaining limes and add them to 1 liter of the first mix, with the sugar. Strain and add chia seeds.
Chill and serve cold.


Amaranth, beans, chia and corn were the main components of the pre-Hispanic diet. Today only beans and corn continue to be of great importance in Mexico’s traditional cuisines. Chia (Salvia hispanica)—whose domestication began around 2600 BC—is an example of an ancient Mesoamerican food that was nearly lost to history. While today the chia seed’s importance is far from what is was in ancient times, it is still used in southeast Mexico to prepare a cool fruit-ade known as agua de chia, and is an ingredient in certain tamales and atole beverages or is used as a thickening agent in certain recipes.