The Central Pacific Region includes the center and south of Nayarit, the south of Jalisco, Colima, the south of Michoacán and the north of Guerrero.
The zone features a long coastline that provides inhabitants with abundant plant and wildlife species including pine, red cedar, encino and roble oaks, strawberry trees, juniper, camachile, ceibas, guapinol, palo blanco, ceiba pentandra, mesquite, cazahuate, palo bobo, ziricote, arrayán myrtles and linaloe trees. There are wild and fruit species such as guava, coconut palm, breadnut, cacahuananche, agave, nanche, mango, papaya, tamarind and lime. Notable wildlife includes squirrel, armadillo, white-tail deer, mountain lion, puma, collar boar, tigrillo, ocelot, ounce, tlacuache, jaguar, skunk, badger, porcupine, gray fox, hares, raccoon, gila monster, spider monkey, poorwhill, tlacuache possum, mockingbird, rabbit, weasels, common boars, torda hares, coyote, wolves; birds such as torcaza doves, tordo grackles, mountain doves, wild turkeys, cranes, seagulls, pelicans, spotted quail, moorhen, white-winged and collar doves, morning doves, eagles, owls and duck. Coasts and rivers are fished for red snapper, bream, sea bass, lobster, grouper, mojarra bream, barrilete, shark, turtle, langoustine and alligator.
Nayarit’s principal economic activities emerge from the service sector: retail, restaurants and hotels. The state also produces tobacco, jicama, agave and avocado, mainly shrimp and mullet are fished. Jalisco raises corn, watermelon, tomatillo, sugarcane, agave, wild corn, raspberry and grasses. There is poultry and pork cultivation as well as cattle ranching alongside large-scale egg and dairy production. Charal, sea bream, red snapper and lebranca are fished. Colima’s economic activity skews to services provision—retail, restaurants and hotels—and the state is a major lime, mango and tuna producer. Michoacán produces corn, strawberry, avocado, guava, blackberry, peach and melon. Guerrero produces large quantities of coconut, hibiscus, mango and melon.


Chilapitas with squid salpicón
Pescado zarandeado
Chilayo colimense
Plátanos al tequila