The Southern Pacific Region includes the southern portions of the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas.
In the south of Guerrero, predominant flora include cazahuate, ash, royal poinciana, mangrove and tule and the region is home to hares, starlings, raccoons, boars, armadillos, tigrillos, ounces, turtles and a large variety of coastal birds. Major Oaxacan plant species include ahuehuete, casuarina, royal poinciana, palo mulato, huamuche, cazahuate, laurel, thyme, fennel, mangrove and guayacan, where mockingbirds, goldfinches, swallows, calandria larks, badgers, raccoons, boas, pheasants, leopards, boars, tapirs, tigrillos and spider monkeys live. In Chiapas, tropical forests occupy the majority of the territory, leaving less land for agricultural and ranching exploitation. The southern region is called the Pacific Coastal Plain and extends from the Guatemalan border to Oaxaca. The climate is tropical.
The region’s most important agricultural and maritime products are coconut palm, copra, mango, hibiscus, pineapple, banana, papaya, coffee, agave, sapodilla and different citrus varieties, and—at sea and in rivers—dogfish, tuna, baqueta, barrilete, flounder, langoustine, sea bream, mullet, red snapper, sailfish, dorado and shark.


White Cebiche
Shrimp stew
Agua de chía con limón